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NS-EN ISO 19901-9:2019

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Norwegian title: Petroleums- og naturgassindustri - Spesifikke krav til offshorekonstruksjoner - Del 9: Styring av konstruksjonsmessig integritet (ISO 19901-9:2019)
English title: Petroleum and natural gas industries - Specific requirements for offshore structures - Part 9: Structural integrity management (ISO 19901-9:2019)
Item type: Standard
Language: Engelsk
Edition: 1 (2019-12-01)
Number of pages: 160

NOK 1 615,00 (excl. VAT)
NOK 2 018,75 (with VAT)

Included in: NS ICS 75
NS ICS 75.180
NS ICS 75.180.10
Committee: SN/K 114
Adopted: 2019-12-01
ICS: 75.180.10 - Utstyr for leting og utvinning