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ISO/TR 11071-1:2004

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Status: Check Gyldig
Norsk tittel: Comparison of worldwide lift safety standards — Part 1: Electric lifts (elevators)
Engelsk tittel: Comparison of worldwide lift safety standards — Part 1: Electric lifts (elevators)
Varetype: Standard
Språk: Engelsk
Utgave: 2 (2004-07-08)
Erstatter: ISO/TR 11071-1:1990/Amd 1:1999 Alert Tilbaketrukket
ISO/TR 11071-1:1990/Amd 2:2001 Alert Tilbaketrukket
ISO/TR 11071-1:1990 Alert Tilbaketrukket
Antall sider: 65

NOK 3 416,00 (eks. mva)
NOK 4 270,00 (ink. mva)

Omfang: <p>This Technical Report consists of a comparison of the requirements of selected topics as covered by the following worldwide safety standards (excluding regional or national deviations):</p><list list-type="alpha-lower"><list-item><label>a)</label><p>CEN — European Standard <std><std-ref>EN 81-1:1998</std-ref></std>, <italic>Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts — Part 1: Electric lifts</italic>;</p></list-item><list-item><label>b)</label><p>ASME A17.1-2000 and CSA B44-00, <italic>Safety Code for elevators and escalators</italic>;</p></list-item><list-item><label>c)</label><p>Building Standard Law of Japan — Enforcement order — <xref ref-type="sec" rid="sec_2">Section 2</xref>, Elevator equipment, Articles 129-3 to 129-13, as well as year 2000 Ministry of Construction notices:</p><list list-type="bullet"><list-item><label>—</label><p>Nos. 1413 up to and including 1418;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>Nos. 1423, 1424, 1428 and 1429;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>No. 1597;</p></list-item></list></list-item><list-item><label>d)</label><p>AS1735.1-2001, <italic>Lifts, escalators and moving walks - Part 1: General requirements</italic>, and AS1735.2-2001, <italic>Lifts, escalators and moving walks - Part 2: Passenger and goods lifts - Electric</italic>.</p></list-item></list><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 1</label><p>The following standards were compared in the original (1990) publication:</p><list list-type="bullet"><list-item><label>—</label><p>CEN <std><std-ref>EN 81</std-ref></std> - Part 1:1985;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>ASME/ANSI A17.1 (1987 edition plus the A17.a-1988 and A17.1b-1989 addenda);</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>CSA/CAN3-B44 (1985 edition plus Supplement 1 - 1987);</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>USSR Elevator design and safe operation code (Edition NEDRA, 1971);</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>CMEA - Elevator Safety Regulations of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.</p></list-item></list></non-normative-note><non-normative-note><label>NOTE 2</label><p>Since the 1990 edition:</p><list list-type="bullet"><list-item><label>—</label><p>the ASME and CSA standards have been harmonized with insignificant deviations, therefore shown in a single tabulation column;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>the USSR and CMEA standards have been withdrawn following the political change to the former Soviet Union and East Block;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>in Russia, the PUBEL document has been issued, which is currently undergoing major revisions;</p></list-item><list-item><label>—</label><p>therefore, all related references to USSR and CEMA have been removed in this edition and no new data for the Russian Federation have been introduced.</p></list-item></list></non-normative-note><p>This report applies to electric traction lifts only, although some sections may also be applicable to positive drive lifts suspended by rope or chain.</p><p>It should be noted that, in addition to the standards listed above, lifts must conform to the requirements of other standards covering mechanical, structural and electrical equipment.</p>
Komité: SN/K 037
Fastsatt: 2004-07-08
ICS: 91.140.90 - Heiser. Rulletrapper